Thailand Still A Country To Visit (Guest Post)

By Belle Chotikapanich of

As the global media has made the whole world aware, Bangkok is currently experiencing some turbulence with the demonstrations against the present government. However, the gatherings and parades are confined to just a few areas, which are diminishing, of the central districts of the city. Life in the metropolis continues much as normal with the majority of people going about their usual work and leisure routines unaffected by the political rallies. While there have been some isolated instances of dangerous and violent situations between the police and some of the more extreme demonstrators, the media naturally likes to portray the conflict as dramatically as possible to make the report a newsworthy item.

Outside Bangkok, there has been very little in the way of political protests and thus most of the country in terms of both population and geography have been unaffected by the unrest.

Favourite tourist destinations, for example Chiang Mai in the north and the beach resort of Phuket in the south, both of which are served by international airports, remain to be safe and inviting locations for the holidaymaker. There is a wealth of activities for the tourist to enjoy – the beach, water sports, horse riding, bicycling, visiting Buddhist temples, to name just a few.

Returning to Bangkok, English Click which is located in an area unaffected by the political demonstrations, can provide an educational and enjoyable package of learning English language skills taught by native English teachers in the morning and going out for an excursion to noteworthy tourist attractions and retail outlets in Bangkok and neighbouring provinces in the afternoon and on weekends, accompanied by the teachers. This programme can include a homestay visit at Amphawa, which is located only one hour’s drive away from Bangkok and which is famous for its floating market, fine food and historic royal parks and temples by the river.

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